How much value do we currently have in the pipeline?
It looks like you currently have £5,200 in the pipeline.
Two of these deals have had no activity in the last 3 weeks. Think about contacting Kate from John Lewis soon. Would you like to see their contact card?
Can you remind James to contact her tomorrow please?
Of course, I will send James a reminder tomorrow morning to let him know to contact Kate Evans.

Your virtual assistant, taking the hassle out of big data.

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Maia turns the data from your CRM,
into actionable advice.

Maia is here to make sense of your exponential data growth, in a language anyone can understand.
We believe that big data should be accessible by anyone, quickly, easily and conveniently.

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"Who shall I call today?"

Maia uses machine learning to curate a call list with the right leads, at the right time.

"When did I last contact Joe?"

Feel like customers are slipping away? Just ask Maia when you last got in touch with someone.

"How am I looking for next week?"

Wether it's the probability of hitting targets, or managing a busy schedule, Maia can keep you in the know.

"When will I hit my target?"

Maia's smart, she can tell you when you can expect to hit (or miss!) targets, offering supporting information.

"Send me weekly updates"

Want Maia to regularly message you with updates? Perhaps Generate a beautiful report and send to you every week? No problem!

"We won the Lego Contract!"

Keep your CRM up to date, it'll help in the long run. Maia takes the hassle out of logging activity.

Privacy is at our core.

Just like its important to trust your employees not to abuse your data, you need to trust your virtual assistants.
That is why we are committed to making sure your customers data is yours, not ours.
We never sell or share any of your information.

Integrations Galore

Get the whole picture.Maia can understand data from all your services.

Want to know how your Email Marketing is affecting your sales? Perhaps you want to make sure your customer recieved their order?

With Custom Integrations,Maia is your single source of truth.